Crawl Space Vapor Barrier for A Lifetime

The GuardianLiner™ vapor barrier is essential to your indoor air quality. It gives you and your family the ability to manage the environment under your home. Moisture and odor repairs cost American families thousands of dollars every year. There are cheap and easy options and then there is a permanent durable solution, GuardianLiner™.

While other brands are made to be low cost, they lack the quality to last a lifetime. GuardianLiner™ is Made in the USA and has been since 2012. You can tell it is authentic by the bright white face and the cream colored back. GuardianLiner™ is string reinforced, virgin polyethylene (not recycled) with added antimicrobial.

Every batch of GuardianLiner™ is tested at an independent lab for impurities that would cause odor or early failure. Ask your representative for a copy of the test results.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

The GuardianLiner™ crawl space vapor barrier has many components that make it stand out from its competitors.

Crawl Space Liner


GuardianLiner™ 1000 denier reinforcement is designed to stop rips and prevent damage. The vapor barrier’s layers are sealed together with hot virgin Polyethylene, not glue, to insure a lifetime of service protecting your home.

American Made


GuardianLiner™ is Made In America. The polyethylene resin, the polyester reinforcement, the engineering and the man power are all American Made!

Mold and fungus


The GuardianLiner™ vapor barrier is made with a minimal amount of anti-microbial additive to enhance its natural ability to prevent mold and mildew growth. The GuardianLiner™ crawl space vapor barrier will seal and contain any mold or fungus spores under the liner, protecting the air you breathe.

Crawl Space Encapsulation


Not all plastics are created equal. Durability and moisture protection are equal parts of the GuardianLiner™ design. When a vapor barrier is made of cheap recycled or poor quality plastic it will not be able to withstand the traffic and wear that comes with a crawl space encapsulation. When the 12 or 20 Mil GuardianLiner™ is pared with a quality vapor barrier seam tape and a crawl space dehumidifier, the home will finally enjoy the ability to control moisture and odor in the craw space.

Insist on a crawl space vapor barrier that will last your lifetime, ask for GuardianLiner™.