Why do I need a crawl space liner? 

For many years, the crawl space was a place no one went. It took time to correlate the dampness coming from the ground beneath the home to moisture and floor temperature problems within the home. Moisture can seep through the floor from underneath your home, causing countless problems. When you add a crawl space liner like GuardianLiner™ it will help control this moisture from coming in and damaging the structure of your home. A correctly installed barrier will allow the crawl space to stay clean, blocking moisture and retaining better temperatures. The right vapor barrier will give you immediate results and last for a lifetime. 

Why should I encapsulate my crawl space?

The crawl space contains the most important part of your home, its foundation and floor system. In a wet or moist environment, the infrastructure of the home can become compromised. Wood will rot, beams can sag, and bank accounts will empty. Ensuring you have a properly encapsulated crawl space will help retain your home’s value and provide better air quality for your family.

What are signs I should be aware of to know if I need to encapsulate my crawl space? 

Here are a few tale-tale signs that you may need to install a crawl space liner sooner rather than later. 

  1. Standing water in your crawl space. 
  2. Insect infestation 
  3. Rust on HVAC ventilation
  4. Mold or mildew or excess moisture on the walls and/or flooring of the main floor
  5. Poor air quality in the home
  6. Rusted pipes in the crawl space