What to know…

GuardianLiner™ is a crawl space liner designed without tiny pinholes known as micro-perfing. This product uses 100% pure polyethylene resin and is reinforced with a 100% polyester cord. This crawl space liner is made specifically for the crawl space, unlike many others designed for oil fields or building covers.

The reinforcement in GuardianLiner™ is laid in a crosshatched pattern spaced 3/8” apart. This gives the crawl space liner incredible tear resistance. The separate plies are laminated together with molten virgin polyethylene resin to stop the layers from de-lamination.

GuardianLiner™ comes in a variety of sizing options.


12 Mil 

20 Mil

6’9″X 100′

13’4″X 50′

13’4″X 75′

36″X 75′

44″ X 75′

Wall liners are available in 12 mil, and are 36″ and 44″ wide and 75′ long. Therefore, the installer has a much easier process of hanging this crawl space vapor barrier on the walls. This will cut down on the number of seams that need to be taped, and it will reduce the amount of excess barrier left after the project is done. The 36″x75′ weighs 20lbs and ships as a 48″ x 8″x 8″ roll. The 44″x75′ weighs 23lbs and ships as a 48″x8″x8″ roll.

GuardianLiner™ also comes in three standard sized options. When they ship, the barriers are folded in half then rolled, to help make the shipping cost more effective. The 13’4″ x 50′ roll weighs 55lbs and shipped as a 87″ x 8″x 8″ roll. The 6’9″ x 100 weighs 55lbs and is shipped as a 87″x9″x9″ roll. The largest roll, 13’4″ x 75′, weighs 80lbs and ships as a 87″ x 10″ x 10″ roll.

Most importantly, when purchasing a crawl space liner, you want to know how it is made. Below you will find most asked for specifications for 12 Mil and 20 Mil GuardianLiner™.

12 mil GuardianLiner™ Specs

20 mil GuardianLiner™ Specs